Thursday, June 28, 2007

Peter Pan, the Avenger!

Maud Adams will always be associated with the role of Peter Pan though she was not the first actress to play the part (Nina Boucicault has that distinction from the original London production). Adams did, however, play the part 237 times on Broadway (and thereupon entered the Peter Pan collar into the fashion vernacular). The actress was also responsible for the camouflage-style costume and the headgear with the jaunty feather (the original Peter Pan in London was bareheaded).

I have shown Peter Pan during the attack on Captain Hook's pirate ship, the Jolly Roger. Dropping his cloak to the floor, he exclaims, “Peter Pan, the Avenger!”

Saturday, June 2, 2007

500 paintings of women

You myspace-savvy people have probably already seen this, but I haven't, so I pass it along, just in case.

A loop of five centuries of artistic representations of women's faces. Pretty cool.

Women in art