Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday 2012

Okay, I have to get in on the act too.

Black Friday sale at Ken Smith Historical Art!

Midnight Thursday to midnight Friday: all prints are half off! That's right, half price.

This includes the brand new German print, Wacht am Rhein, and the pretty darned new Marine print, Green Hell

$100 prints are on sale for $50
$185 prints are on sale for $92.50
(and so on and so on -- you can do the math)
$10 shipping for your whole order.

A few details on the production of the two new prints (Wacht am Rhein and Green Hell): 

Starting with these two prints (and henceforth), I'll be doing all WW2 prints using the giclee printing method. This means several things: 1) smaller editions - 125 prints 2) better color 3) heavier paper 4) higher costs 5) slower turnaround time. 

These giclee prints are done one-at-a-time by an expert digital printmaker in Knoxville, Tennessee. Stated turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. I can do it faster, and I will for this sale, but be aware that the prints are not sitting at my house as I type this. If you have a particular timeliness need, let me know when you order (and be aware that there's no way I can get them to you quicker than a week, and even that's pushing it). The glicee method is also used for all the actress prints and the one civil war print (At First Light).

I'm not reprogramming the website for this, so you'll need to just send me an email (, telling me what you want, and the total cost including $10 shipping (if it's international, I'll have to calculate the exact shipping price). I'll double-check your calculations, and you can pay by Paypal.

Any questions beforehand, send me an email
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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